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Your Codemotion ticket

Don't let others to tell you!

From here you can buy your ticket to attend Codemotion through Eventbrite and pay it with Paypal.

If you do not own a Paypal Account, you can click on the 'I do not have a Paypal account' and complete your payment using your regular credit card. All the collected data is linked to the payment and Paypal will not use it to open an account.

Before the payment, we will ask you some information about you, your profile, your skills and your interests... We will use that info for the Codemotion badge and for attendance statistics. If you are buying the tickets from a company for several of your colleagues, check that you can reach them to collect that info.

So, Are you ready? If you don't want to miss the show, you should buy now your ticket and become part of Codemotion Madrid 2013. Don't let others to tell you! Live the codemotion experience on your own!

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